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Our World - Love

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Sky Watch Friday

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Saturday Photo Hunt : Yummy !!

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Friday, 19 September 2014

Sky Watch Friday

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The Journey

Recession was all over the countries and it was the time when jobs were out of focus. I was also among those who were struggling for the first good break. Although marketing was my weak arena, somehow I succeeded in finding a job. It was an advertising firm and I was now a marketing trainee. I was offered very less compared to my qualification however I was finding myself lucky in that odd passing time.

Some of our clients were well known running NGO’s of India namely Helpage India and CRY NGO. We had different teams for our clients. I was taken to the Helpage India NGO project. Our tasks were to do workshops, campaigns and spread awareness among people to come forward for help. We also visit nearby cities for the same cause. Different people had different stories but the pain was one. The more I was involved, the more I was angry. The anger in me always asks one question - WHY? But the practical in me suggests to accept the reality. Some answers are beyond our reach. We feel bad about it but we actually cannot rub it. The bitter truth is “Life starts with pain and so ends with pain.”  But in all such circumstances, someway of the other, I was feeling proud for myself, in some manner I was helping the needy those who were abandoned by their loved ones, and unwillingly were bound to live in old age homes.

Trip to Jalandhar (City of Punjab)

It was now a turn for Jalandhar (city of Punjab). We five member were chosen for this trip. Puja was leading we four – I, Aditya, Shashwat and Nikhil. We as a team already visited Panipat (city in Haryana) so were comfy with each other. We were on seven days trip. This was my first ever trip out of Delhi for more than 2 days. Our tickets were confirmed in Arimtsar Delhi Shatabdi Express and as Puja was leading us, she was handed over with all the required credentials.  It was winter; the train was scheduled to depart at 6 AM. I Aditya, Shashwat and Nikhil we all had reached New Delhi railway station before time and were waiting for Puja to come. Past 10 minutes, Puja called and informed us that she was waiting at platform no 3. We were also on the same platform however neither we nor she found each other. Time was running fast and train had already arrived at the platform. We were still struggling in finding each other location; out of anger Puja shouted with words that she was waiting at Old Delhi railway station at platform no 3 near the platform clock and why it was difficult for us to get her? We all were paused for a moment, and then Nikhil burst out with his famous laughter. Shashwat controlled the situation and made her realize that train is scheduled to depart from New Delhi railway station and she was certainly not at the right place. Nikhil was uncontrollable with his laughter and was getting people’s attention. The chaos continued for little longer as now we knew the seats number however had not visible tickets. We found T.T. and narrated the whole story. We were fined of Rs. 50 for duplicate ticket and somehow managed to board the train. Puja was advised then to catch a bus to Jalandhar. Nikhil was still uncontrollable with his laughter. He narrated the story to almost everyone in the compartment and made everybody a good laugh. 

This journey had started with the fancy story with humor, drama, emotions, anger, and guilt but I had no idea that one more unforgettable story filled with suspense, emotions, hope and love was waiting for me in Jalandhar that will change me.


Thursday, 18 September 2014

I Promise - The Journey (part 2)

We were doing well in our work. Satisfaction was on top. For the Sunday we had decided to explore the city. It was the Sixth day of our trip; we were busy in our workshop. At the end of time, I had noticed an elderly old couple of mid 50’s were silently watching us wrapping the event.  I took a moment from my friends and stepped towards them with curiosity if they had needed anything or a piece of information from us. He had introduced his wife and himself as Mr. & Mrs. Arora, a retired army officer.  With a very gentle voice, he appreciated our team initiative and contribution for the difference we were trying to make in one’s life. By then, he was well aware of our formal introduction and background. In a very short notice, he had invited us for dinner at his place. With such program and schedule many a times we had faced such offer but often we had to decline it all purpose. This was somehow different; I put Puja forward to take the decision. Mr. Arora insisted for a little long and with a pause Puja had accepted the offer. She was not sure for her take and it was visible on her face but now we had made commitment to the elderly couple.

7 PM, we rang the bell. Mr. and Mrs. Arora, they both welcomed us like we were known to them since long. We were still surprised and nervous about the evening and so as the silence was shown on my face. Might be I was over thinking but I had the feeling that something is hidden. No doubt Mr. & Mrs. Arora were a gentle, polite and humble person however my mind was searching for an accepted answer for this royal treatment. The couple made us very comfortable. Mr. Arora took us to his garden, though it was night but for his willingness and energy, we went along with him and appreciated his good work. He had planted all kinds of flowers and beautifully decorated. It was truly awesome. He had made arrangements for soothing music also for the evening. After an hour I relaxed my mind a bit and was overwhelmed by this beautiful elderly couple. They were very loving and I guess that’s the reason they were showing so much of love and care for us. I and Puja then went with Mrs. Arora in her kitchen to help her. I was surprised with her spirit and love for five unknown children for them. She had tried her hands to impress each one of us and yes she was the winner. I must say we had the most delicious food in all those days in Jalandhar. It was a time to leave. I asked permission from Mr. Arora and thanked him for all his effort and making our evening memorable. Mr. Arora looked sad for a while and then he requested us to stay for five more minutes. His please had pain and again we didn’t refuse his request. He then took us to the first floor of his house. The room was neat and clean. Everything was strategically at place. He then pointed out to one photo hanging at wall. The photo was of a young boy in early 20’s. He claimed him as his only son. He told us that his son studies in DCE and lives in South Delhi.  He then showed us all the trophies and medals of his son that he had earned since school time. He talked about his nature and good behavior. Mr. Arora was carried away with his memories and so as we. Mrs. Arora then intervenes and asked Mr. Arora to allow us to leave. Mr. Arora asked my number and permission if he could call me if needed. I smiled and shared my number and then we left.

The next day was Sunday and as planned we explored the city. We went to famous places in Jalandhar name as Debi Talab Mandir (A must visit place), Niko park, (enjoyed the rides) Focal Point (a famous Industrial area), Dilkhusa Market (Largest Medicine market) and many more. The journey had come to an end with lots of memories. In evening we had boarded our train to Delhi. We were tired and out of strength. We smiled at each other and trying to get some sleep. Somewhere my mind was still there with Mr. & Mrs. Arora. Their unconditional love was extra ordinary. I was then into my thoughts when my mobile rang. It was Mr. Arora. He had just called me to wish happy journey and disconnected it. I was happy and prayed to god for all his long life and happiness. Later a week, I had received another call from Mr. Arora, he was very normal and calm while talking. I continued the call and now he was talking about his son’s address in south Delhi. He had made a request that if I and my team mates could manage to visit his son’s place. I genuinely replied to him that our next trip has planned for Jaipur now however we would meet him once we returned. He was okay with it and very humbly our call had ended. The very next day I had received a call from an unknown number. I answered the call.

Female Voice: I heard Mr. Arora talking to you yesterday afternoon. Beta, don’t take me wrong but if possible please avoid his calls. I am sorry on his behalf; please forgive him for his indistinct behavior.

I: Mrs Arora, Greetings! It was alright, he was not disturbing me even I am sorry as he was requesting us to visit your son’s  place but we are running extremely short of time and it won’t be possible……

Mrs. Arora: Beta, you guys are very good and very helpful.

I: Mrs. Arora, I am sorry to ask you but what happened, you are running out of your breath. Is everything alright? Is there any way I can help you? If you want we will try our best to visit your son before the trip.

Mrs. Arora: Beta, we had lost our son 2 years back. There is no way for him to come back. I heard him talking to you regarding our son and that’s the reason I am calling you and wanted you to know the truth. Mr. Arora is living in a hope and this hope will strengthen if he would continue his talks with you. This is nothing particularly with you, he see our son in every person like you.

I: Mrs. Arora, what….What happened to you son?

Mrs. Arora: He was a first year student when he took his life against ragging.

I: I am sorry Mrs. Arora.

Mrs. Arora: Don’t be sorry beta. My son was very good in studies and very behavior just like his father. I just wished if he had talked to me once before that night. Beta, I want to save my husband. This hope will kill him.

I: Mrs. Arora, I … I don’t know what to say.

Mrs. Arora:  God bless you my child.

The call was disconnected. My eyes were filled with tears. My heart was just stopped for a while. The whole evening that we had spent with this beautiful elderly couple was flashing in front me. I was in state of shock figuring out Which one was real? Unfortunately both were real. This was a very new feeling in me of insecurity of losing my loved ones. The entire day I was out of me, I was lost, I was trying to understand the pain of Mr. & Mrs. Arora but I guess I was too young to deal with it. That night I called my mom and I was talking indifferently. I told her that I am a stronger person now and I promise that I will not leave them. She replied – Okay and I promised.

How many times do we really show our love and concern to our parents? The parents who never forget to love you irrespective of our indistinct behavior. When I was a kid, I often had fight with my mother and on realization I used to go to her and show my sorry in different actions. She never complained to me. I asked her once, why she has no anger for me when I am indifferent for her? She replied very gently, when you become mother then you will understand. I know I have to go far way to understand her meaning but this incident reminded me the unconditional love of parents towards their children. That is incredible. I have made a promise, have you???


Saturday, 13 September 2014

A Rainbow

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A little rainbow formation on ground with applied physics.

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Sky Watch Friday

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Saturday Photo Hunt - Gray

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An Isolated Village Set @ Universal Studios, Los Angeles

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Sky Watch Friday

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Monday, 1 September 2014


Smiley:    Knock Knock ! Open the door. Why are you sitting alone? Are you listening?? I am talking to you. Please let me in.

Mr. Dil :   Smiley, Please! Leave me alone.

Smiley:     Oh ! Common, Mr. Dil, not again. Come out. See I have surprises for you.

Mr. Dil:    I have lost all my feelings Smiley. No surprises can entertain me. I am better alone.

Smiley:     Do you love me?

Mr. Dil: Yes, I do.

Smiley:  Hold me.

Mr. Dil: I am broken, I cannot protect you.

Smiley:  Oh! I can complete you. Trust me.

Mr. Dil: Do you believe in me?

Smiley: Oh Yes, I can always trust the most stupid, emotional, crazy, courageous and lively heart who has given me endless number of reason to breathe.

Mr. Dil: You are my best companion.

Smiley:  Oh Yes, I am. 

Mr. Dil: We compliment each other. 

Smiley: Certainly Yes. 

Mr. Dil: I will do anything for you.

Smiley:  Promise.

Mr. Dil: Promise.

Smiley:  Will you hold me now?

Mr. Dil: Oh Yes, Definitely yes. Forever.

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