Friday, 28 November 2014

Ek Chotttti Si Love Story

What a hectic day it was. Oh! Mom was calling in afternoon and I got it missed. Okay I will call her after dinner. Long working and tiring day increase your hunger at the odd timings too. Prerna murmured.

She fastens her hands, wrapped the remaining work at home, finished her dinner and now just sat on relaxing chair with her laptop. She loved to listen old Hindi romantic songs at night while reading novel.  She was happy with her independence and personal space.

She remembered some missed calls, considering that she logged in to social network site. Internet is the easiest and cheapest mode of communication these days. She taught her mom also to join hangouts for free gossips….:D. She noticed that she had some friend requests. Ah! I didn’t know him, So lets decline, oh! Decline again and now Who Was He???? Hmmmmmm She accepted. She saw him in her office premises.

Mother was not online so she decided to make a call to her. Today was the very second day of prerna’s birthday.  She had unlimited talks to share. How she celebrated her birthday? How her friends make her to feel special? How she was looking prettier than always...?....:P  and many more….

We can never understand motherhood, you are always be the most beautiful, the best person and special for your mother, these words are good enough to recharge your feelings, emotions, confidence in you and to feel happy. She wished if her parents would also be here on that day. The call was ended with the heavy heart. Feeling helpless, irritated and alone in her room she turned off everything and went to sleep.

I will be coming soon, I will stay long, we will celebrate and we will live quality time.....and I "WISH" and "WISH" and "WISH". Morning Alarm! TRINGG. Oh! I was dreaming. It was 5AM. Prerna woke up and greeted Good Morning to herself and had gone busy in her morning work. She went for jog, practiced yoga, prepared lunch and went to her work. One more day had gone busy. This new day had come with some surprises. Evening chat - received a message from "HIM". Okay let’s talk.

Something was different in him, She dint stop herself and she continued and continued talking. Next day they had spent more time. Ten days had been passed in a similar way. Now they had planned for a formal meeting. A lunch was planned. She tried her un experienced hands in cooking to prepare his favorite food at home.

She was nervous. She had lived this moment for hundred times in her dream. It was their first formal meeting. Doorbell rang; yes finally he was at her door. Oh! he was looking so handsome. She looked her prince charming in him. She was blushing and with her shaky voice, she invited him inside. I guess he was nervous too. For couple of minutes they didn’t speak, they were just exchanging smiles. After some formal conversation, she served lunch. She was little disappointed with her cooking because she had made many mistakes like sticky thick rice and more salt in Dal….:D. She felt embarrassed and looked sad. He felt her sadness and appreciated her efforts to cheer her up. He made her comfortable and for the first time they stand close holding each other hands.

Looking into her eyes, Yes "HE" proposed her and he got the qualified enthusiastic and surprising "Yes" from her too. They found their "Day of Love" and were feeling at the top of the world. They had lived every second of this day and now he had to go. Prerna had tears in her eyes, She hold him tight and never wanted him to go. He promised that he would never leave her. He would call her wherever he would be and they would be together always. The very next day he went to his hometown and then he never came back. 

It’s been a year since he has gone."LIFE" has to move on! Now, Prerna got busy in her life as before; independent, enthusiastic, packet of positive energy, loving, caring, humble, kind, helping hand and most beautiful girl with sweet heart but at last she is keeping her promise alive and the wait is still on….

"Ek Chotttti Si Love Story"......   


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Our World - Milestones

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Happy New Year

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December 31, 2006. Yes, New Year eve. I, Neha and Juhi had planned to visit newly introduced Central park in a city at Cannaught Place, New Delhi to celebrate the evening. Those days’ Metro trains were used to run in yellow line only from central secretariat to Vishwavidyalaya and its usual closing time was 9 PM. As Metro was also the new attraction in the city, we boarded the train and had reached Rajiv Chowk metro station by 7 PM and headed to Central Park. Oh yes, as heard, It was beautifully decorated, full of lights, musical arrangements, street foods and with air tight security. People had come with their families. Central Park was loaded with youth, families and kids and on the other hand roads were empty and only personal vehicles were allowed to enter. We three were over excited and had chased for every single moment of celebration. 

Oh! it is quarter to 8, we should move; Juhi said. With the mutual nod we had decided to stay for 15 more minutes and would leave. We were not aware of the road route that was the primary reason we had taken metro for the destination and similarly had planned to return. We captured beautiful moments, had lots of Delhi street food and were happily returned to Metro rail. Here we found that the entrance was closed. It was 8:15 by that time. We were surprised and ran to the next possible entrance, we found it closed either. Before we could understand, we saw one Policeman was standing behind us, he enquired about the possibility of us at the closed metro rail gates and then surprised us by telling the fact that on New Year eve, the metro train get closed at 7:30 PM for security reasons. Before he could explain anything else, we ran from the place without returning any favor to him for the information. 

We might find any DTC bus from outer circle, Neha suggested. Our hostel closing time was also 9 PM and hence we had no options left instead to believe her and find the bus stop. We started running on the empty streets and sooner we got caught by Police at the outer circle of CP and had been stopped. We told the whole story without any comma and full stop. The adventure strengthened with Police statement that the entire route to CP for public transport had been blocked for security reasons; we had been advised to come out of the CP’s arena to find any public transport. It was now 8:30 PM. In the dark night, having no options left, we continued running on the empty streets holding, encouraging and supporting each other. 

We had reached Red Fort by then. In a while we found one DTC bus was coming. In the frightening night,  in a hurry to reach hostel safe and on time we three had decided to appear in front of the Bus to stop it, obviously we failed and had to run aside as the bus was in speed and it went. In a lesser time 2 to 3 more bus had passed however we couldn't catch any. It was now 8:50 PM. Juhi was panicked and started crying. Finding no other way we had now decided to hire an auto to our hostel. After struggling for couple of more minutes we found an auto. The auto driver had mentioned that he was not aware of the route to Delhi University however he could drop us to the Kashmiri Gate ISBT from where we could catch a linked Bus for Kingsway camp, North campus, Delhi University. Juhi was stressed and so do I and Neha. We were not sure of hiring him but also we had no other options as the clock was running fast. At last we hired him and prayed to god for safe travel.

He took us to ISBT, Kashmiri gate. We thanked and offered him some tip but he refused to take it and said he would wait there till the time we found the right bus. We then enquired about the connecting bus to our hostel and thankfully we found one soon. In this one hour run for the first time we were relaxed and smiled. We reached hostel at around 9:15 PM. Hostel mates were curious to know about the evening. Neha was looking happy, Juhi was in shock and I was silent. I maintained the silence and went to my bed. I was reviewing past 1 hour run, the crazy run, the run for life and And then Surabhi and other hostel mates came in with noise and woke me up, it is 12 and greeted loudly “Happyyyy Newwww Yearrrrrr”. I smiled and returned “happy New Year” hug to everyone and celebration went on. It was an unforgettable and adventurous evening. People were enjoying, dancing and living the moment for new year and I guess I was celebrating for my new life. 
  -- Priyashi

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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Photo Challenge : Macro

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Sky Watch Friday

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