Sunday, 4 May 2014


It was a night before my flight for US, I was visiting for the first time and too had a return ticket, my friends have developed the belief that I would not come back. I am going on travel visa; I mentioned however not enough convincing. It was true; I had felt that the city has not accepted me however also cannot deny that I have grown here. I have lost my sleep remembering each day that I had spent here considering all those mixed bag of reactions. Some of the incidents are unforgettable.

The Burnt Biscuit
Those days I was introduced to Delhi and my first destination was North campus, Delhi University, Kamla nagar. I was experiencing the comfort of metro city. I was shy in nature, most of the time I used to maintain silence to beat the argument. Later I observed the extrovert nature of people; that took my attention. I then decide to participate in all kind of discussions. I had started spending time with my friends to overcome my so called weakness. I tried many a times to add my view however somehow topic got changed and that was irritating. I dint lose hope, every next day I used to recollect all my confidence to add and yes sometimes I succeed too. That day I was again overconfident, I saw my friends were sitting in cafeteria after heading a 2 hour long class of mathematics. They were not talking much, I guessed, were tired. Suddenly Kshitij came in and offered a pack of biscuit. We all took one of one; I dint like the taste with the first bite, it was bitter. Before that I pass any comment Rahul said, nice biscuit, which one is it? This is new. Alka showed the wrapper, it was Britannia Pure Magic. Suhani added dark chocolate in biscuit and too economical. It was a celebrating moment for all. I was thinking what is so good about this biscuit, neither it was sweet nor so nice in color. It was black overall. Most of us has grown up with the taste of ParleG, Milkbikies so that I. I was annoyed and moreover I wanted to add my view so then I made debut for the day, I said, don’t be fool; it is a burnt biscuit that’s why it is cheaper. The celebration got muted for a while and all heads had turned towards me. I nodded yes and we all had a great laugh.

Don’t do Jabardasti
I had always dreamt of the day when I would do lots of shopping independently. I was over excited to explore the city. One fortunate day I and my roommate Surabhi decided to action the plan. Surabhi was old in the city, so was aware of all route and places for hangout. It was my first visit to Janpath and Palika Bazaar, a popular market nearby CP. we had spent all day roaming from one shop to another. She bought lots of regular girly stuffs and so too I. She was very good in bargaining and so was the enjoying moment for us. Wherever I needed to buy I requested her to bargain for me. It was the time to bargain for sunglasses now. I again started convincing her however I guess she was tired too consequently she motivated me to do it. I accepted the challenge and had initiated bargaining with half the price which was offered to us. It was day’s afternoon and we were tired. I was not ready to hear to shopkeeper and was repeating my quoted price for sunglasses and was sure, this is how bargain has to be done. Suddenly we heard, “Madam Jabardasti to mat karo hamare saath”. I and Surabhi looked at each other and exchange the laugh. I had given Rs 20 more to the shopkeeper and took the sunglasses. We had done for the day and returned to our hostel however would always remember “Zabardasti wali shopping”. A sentence I had ever heard of while shopping.

The Blind date
It was a 4th storey building and my room was at first floor. Upasna’s room was at terrace and she was also preparing for MBA. I used to visit her often no matter day and night. That day was Lohri. People in neighborhood were enjoying, dancing on dhol beats, meeting each other and all celebrating the festival. We all hostel mates were at terrace and enjoying the view at the ground. The celebration had continued till 11 to 11:30 pm. The others hereafter returned to their respective floor however I routed to Upasna’s room. Suddenly I heard the Guitar music. The tune was “mere rang mein rangne wali, pari ho ya ho pariyon ki rani” from the movie – Maine Pyar kiya. The sound was coming nearby me. I turned and followed the track. Next to us, it was a boy’s hostel and I saw a guy sitting alone at his terrace and playing the tune. He couldn’t see me as I was one floor above his terrace. I stood till the song end and also couldn’t stop myself for passing the compliment. I said this was one of my favorite songs, nicely played. He was surprised and stood up. I had introduced myself however he returned the silence. I guessed he was still surprised or might was shy in nature. He was staring at me; I just smiled and stepped back. A week later at the same time, I heard the same tune. I kept on sitting on the roof with my friend. Few of my hostel mates watched him played and hereafter he went inside as that was the last tune for that day. Later a week, it was a birthday celebration in boys hostel, he played so many different tune in guitar however end the celebration with the same song. The repetition continued and later the frequency increased from once a week to twice a week and every time he ends with the same song. I had noticed the frequency and kept myself free however I had restricted myself to watch him. Time has passed and the day has come for my separation from the hostel. I got admission in MBA. As per the schedule time, he started playing guitar and the song came, today I stood up, he stopped the music and too stood up. He said, It was one of his favorite song too, he dint stay here, he used to visit his friend every weekend however for past few weeks he had visited twice and played the same song to see me, he continued and smiled. I mentioned, today could be my last day in hostel; I got admission in MBA, Ghaziabad. He introduced himself as Amit, a final year student, SRCC, Delhi University. We smiled.


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