Thursday, 3 April 2014

What choices are for - To Fix or To Damage ?

We are born and brought up in a time when world has witnessed the societal acceptance and preferences for advanced technologies and hence experienced the power of choices. People found out their easiest way to get work done so were comfy and thereafter rooting it. Since childhood we have been taught always to aim high so that if you fail in achieving you was left out with good choices relatively. A pampered child is bulged with choices however later, one is skilled. To be an indifferent part of our lives it dominated us and we cannot refuse to become a victim. It is good to have alternative however advocating all seek sincere attention. Miracle happens; we read in articles, news; a son of rikshawpuller become IAS officer, a daughter of stonebreaker become Chartered Accountant, a son of cobbler become engineer, a physically handicapped boy scored highest in board examination, a daughter of a sex worker qualified for higher studies abroad, a dancer with prosthetic leg has world record and just like. Aren’t they winners? Not so far, a personal view, after 12th board, like many others my brother also had appeared for the IIT entrance exam and simultaneously he had filled four other engineering exams. He missed out the cut off scores with few points for IIT admission though had cleared the rest. Next year he had decided to reappear only before IIT entrance and he got admission. At present, he is a doctorate engineer, well settled in USA however what if he would have taken admission in first go, his life must be different isn’t. Was it fortunate or laudable? Often it has been stated, viewed, heard, written, read that success stories are subjected to pain, efforts, patience and concentration, all route to achieve one desired goal. Is it correct to say, that they are the ones who are left out with no choices? Or rather I would say they know how to eliminate the choices that life has thrown. It is assumed that the more you have options, the more you are powerful however if you don’t know elimination of choices, probability for damage would certainly be high. When you belong from small city, the lifestyle, the culture what we used to see on TV, read in newspaper about Metro cities or developed cities always attract you. These attractions never assure you for the betterment rather it is a hope within which shows a fairy world. I love to live in my fantasy world where everything is always good and lucrative. Being optimist, my stories would always have a happy ending. Coming to Delhi was never a dream for me though it was a planned decision taken by parents. The idea behind for this judgment was to make me independent, confident, decision maker and a strong person. I have never given a thought that I could spend eight years of my life here. One question always came to my mind – Am I learning faster or committing mistakes? I never found an answer. Learning and experience are two beautiful words to hide the damage. What is right, I was sure however that could be wrong, I had faced and hereafter, have learnt to eliminate. Choices are always have adjectives such as lucrative, tough, easy, diplomatic and conditional. If you don’t know the right, you must have known what could be wrong. Don’t justify; eliminate piece by piece considering what choices are for –To Fix or To Damage?


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