Sunday, 26 January 2014

Are We Modern ??

Are we actually a part of the modern society? What does modern signifies? The literally meaning of modern is most up to date that could be techniques, ideas, thoughts, culture anything. Rather it has been seen that we are a part of affluent society however is not Modern. What is the difference?  Over the decades we have been experienced changes in normal days and that are good and bad. The justification is individual and far from veracity. 

In present scenario if any teenager has been questioned about his/her future aspirations, the answer would be a successful person and if the question specifically asked what does success means to? Most of the common inputs would be money and fame and more precisely if asked why money is so important, an obvious statement - enjoying life - night parties, new gadgets and accessories, Boyfriends, Girlfriends made an entry hoping to buy happiness. If the same question has been asked to the youth, the answer would be career focused and if the question specifically asked what is a set career? Most of the entries would be money and status in the society and more precisely if asked why money is so important, a general outcome would be personal attainments for having own house, car, onsite vacations with family, the reason is same, the hope for buying happiness. To the third kind if the same question has been asked what are parent’s aspirations? The answer would engage education to their offspring’s in top schools, utmost fulfillment of family desire and a secure retirement plan, the reason is one - buying happiness. 

By what we are influenced – one specific society or a modernization? 

It is a myth that accepting everything new is modernization. Modernization is the adaption and implementation of most up to date techniques, ideas, thoughts, culture and anything which talks about the changes for upliftment individually or in society and hence a society which satisfies the inference can be experienced as a modern society.

Here are some questions to be valued - 
Modern thoughtsAre we cultivating new ideas or are we following new trends to buy individual or societal happiness? 
Modern Education – Are we focusing on skills and knowledge to be enhanced or are we aiming at top notch schools and colleges name to be shown in pedigree? 
Modern Women - Working and leading her life independently has been categorized one of the valuable factor as Modern women however it has been proven in most cases that present women are so working and not has choice to lead her life independently. 
Are we encouraging or accepting women ideas, willingness and desire or are we allowing or exploring them limited?  
Modern Culture – Are we modifying our moral values and traditions with time or are we following so called developed culture? 

For what I believe most of us agree with next question. We are influenced by affluence which is far away from the point of concern. On the morality ground it is the responsibility of the modern citizen to construct the type of society where to live in, and it can only be seen in practice when we identify the difference and rub. It is needed to be significantly implemented to have a developed society. So think before you tag in. - Are We Modern?



  1. I really like the extension of the word modern. I am quite amazed too at the different forms it takes and at some stage modern does mean getting back to the basics to being who we are, the simple thread bare self :).. It is interesting how things keep changing their meanings so very often :)

  2. Welcome to my post Vinay....Thank you for sharing your views..... :)